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Harry - Great Dane

Credit Control

Harry joined the Lloyd Barnes team in January 2013.

The job of a recruitment consultant can be busy and stressful, so his main duties are to make sure that members of the team take a break and get some fresh air from time to time. Along with boosting morale, where he tends to offer his toys to anyone who looks like they may be working on a difficult piece of recruitment. 

Harry says that the best things about living in the South West are the beaches, the moors, and the pubs. He’s not quite sure which is his favourite, but his owners seem to really like the local pubs.

When he’s not at work Harry likes running through long grass, paddling in streams and most of all sleeping.

Not a lot of people know this, but despite his size he doesn’t need a lot of exercise and really doesn’t eat that much. Oh, and he is petrified of cats….

Harry - Great Dane