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The South West has always been known to have lower pay levels compared to many parts of the UK. For instance, there is a considerable salary variation even with Bristol, where salaries can be anywhere between 10% & 25% higher.

The vagaries of our local economy mean companies need to be constantly monitoring salary trends to enable them to retain and attract key finance staff.

Our aim at Lloyd Barnes is to provide you with up to date accurate market information based on real salaries and benefits packages, that are currently being offered in our market. We have therefore produced a local Salary Survey / Recruitment Handbook which we hope you will find useful.

Should you have a current or future requirement, please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be pleased to assist you without obligation.

To obtain a copy of the Lloyd Barnes Salary Survey / Recruitment Handbook, please complete the request form on the link below. Please note this handbook is only available to line managers, Directors and HR professionals.

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