A "typical" day in the life of your company IT person....

Feb 21, 2018

You know they eat, sleep, play video games, and have built at least one computer. They work late at night doing IT "stuff" that is best scheduled when no one else is working. You know they keep your business running and are the backbone of your office and day-to-day operations. 

I am talking about your Company IT person, we’ll call him John and let’s have a look at his “typical” day…..


John walks in the front door.

“Good morning, John. Better get your coffee. Did you see the email I sent to you this morning?”


John checks his email and responds to some immediate needs.

  • “I clicked on a link from John in accounting. I think it was a virus. Oops.”
  • “I got the blue screen of death last night. Do you have a spare laptop I can use while you look at this one?”
  • “I can’t access the Internet.
  • “Ray’s computer won’t turn on. He’s at his desk waiting for assistance.”
  • “I can’t print.”
  • “What does, This command will delete all files, mean?
  • “I locked myself out of my computer, will you pleeeeeeaase unlock my account?”
  • “The printer is jammed. Will you take a look at it?”


John gets his coffee.


He runs an antivirus program on a computer and unlocks a user profile.


John investigates the dead laptop and decides to set up a spare until he can wipe and restore the corrupt hard drive.


John checks the internet connection to the HR department office. He replaces a cable.


John turns on a computer. He finds it works just fine.


John clears the paper jam…his favourite.


Staff meeting


Lunch at his desk reading AI International


John restores the CFO’s deleted files


He updates firewall rules.


John gives marketing access to the corporate website ftp.


Time to setup equipment for scheduled demo in the conference room.


He runs a requested database report for the COO.


John calls the company phone provider to discuss recent call quality.


Time for the new employee on-boarding; computer station, phone extension setup, add new profile to network file permissions, and setup systems access.


He logs off 5 user remote desktop sessions.


John pulls some hair out.


He prepares for the planned email migration and server maintenance updates.


Danny, the CFO, says “So what exactly have you been doing all day? I was looking for you at lunch time and you weren’t at your desk.”


Kelly in marketing calls to say the company website is down. John remembers he never got around to patching the servers.


I think we need to go and give “our” John a pat on the back, a coffee and a rather large whiskey?!